Too cool for this shit. Unless said shit involves copious amounts of crying and fictional characters.



you know what’s very punk rock??? being nice to people

#this is kieren walker ok

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okay so if harry potter was born in 1980, and went to hogwarts in like 91, that means he was in his sixth year in 1996
do you think he knew about the spice girls? i mean.. i know he had shit going on with horcruxes that year but wannabe isn’t something that happens without you taking note of it

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'why are you sitting in the dark' excuse you I've been sitting here all day and it got dark around me I did not choose this

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GOD the merlin fandom is so amazing like?? you guys make seasons 1-3 look like they were shot in the highest quality and not with a potato. wow. ily all

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you could be sad about your otp but consider:

  • one making awful breakfast for the other and the other eating it because they appreciate it that much
  • one putting their ridiculous music on in the car and singing along while the other sits in the passenger seat with their head…